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Alison's note:  I had kind of forgotten about the "cleanse" Jason and I did last month.  I was going to do a post about it, then didn't.  Jason kept notes and wrote something up, and he hasn't done a Celebrity Guest post for a while.  So here are his thoughts.

Last week I ate an unprecedented amount of vegetables.  I developed some bad eating habits between Austin 70.3 at the end of October and the New Year.  Bad eating habits equalled weight gain and I managed to tip over 170 pounds, taking full advantage of the 8% rule (the suggested amount of weight to gain in the offseason over your race weight).  Now I am 5’10” so by no means was I overweight, but I was noticing that my stomach was no longer flat and my pant legs were becoming shorted due to the extra fabric required to cover my butt.  Alison was about to start a vegan cleanse.  I was in and recorded my daily data and thoughts on a diet that consisted primarily of green vegetables and juices.

Day 1: Morning weight 167.4 pds. 
            Exercise:  Swim 60 min, water run 60 min.
I was very hungry throughout day and ate a lot of nuts.  Alison explained how high in calories nuts were.  Better reduce my intake.

Day 2: Morning weight 165 pds.
            Exercise:  Trainer ride 80 min aerobic.  20 min TRX
The green smoothie for breakfast left me fuller than yesterday’s smoothie.
            There was a lot of chocolate and baking in office to temp me.  I resisted.

Day 3: Morning weight 165.4 pds.
Exercise:  Swim 60 min.  Run 53 min hills.  No power at all and bloated with stomach distress.
I am not much lighter but don’t look as puffy as I did after our vacation.
            My muscles are stiff and sore.

Day 4: Morning weight 164.2 pds
            Exercise:  Aerobic spin on trainer 80 min.  20 min TRX.
            My muscles are now really stiff and sore. 
            I am not quite as hungry today.  My salad at lunch was huge and took me 30 min to eat it.
            I am adjusting to the new diet.

Day 5: Morning weight 163.4 pds
            Exercise:  Swim 60m for 3,400m.  Run 60 min.
I bonked on both workouts.  I am really craving some complex carbohydrates and proteins.   Give me some beans please.
My dinner was a cold soup made from avocado and cucumbers.  I laughed as I ate it as it reminded me of the 80’s movie “Better off Dead” where the soup gets up out of the bowl and crawls across the table by itself.

Day 6: Morning weight 162.8pds

I am pretty sure that I was running a pretty big caloric deficit for the week as I put up some weight loss numbers that the Biggest Loser would have been proud of.  My daily energy was not low but I did not have the punch necessary to complete quality workouts.  I am happy that I did it.  It showed me that I could be disciplined with my diet and best of all I no longer crave sugar or soda during my day.  That is a huge win.  I am back on track to attack the 2014 triathlon season.  Sometimes we need to press the reset button and this cleanse did the trick for me.

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