Swim Test Set

Today I swam a swim test set.  I did a warmup of 200 easy, 200 pull, 200 kick 100 build.  My main set was the test set: 3x300 meters tempo on 6 minutes.  Then I did 400 steady full gear (paddles, pull buoy and band) and cool down for a total swim of 45 minutes.  A little shorter swim than normal.

The goal of the test was to keep the 300's within 15 seconds of each other.  Then take the average of the three, and divide by 3 to get by tempo pace per 100m.  Since 3x300 is not that long, I wanted to be as consistent as possible and I wanted to swim as close to tempo pace for a half iron distance swim as thought I had right now in early season.

Here are the times I swam for the 300's:

So yeah, I'm pretty consistent.  And it felt comfortably good, not red-lining but a solid tempo.  It also really made it easy to calculate the average: 5:06; so my 100m tempo pace right now is 1:42 (converts to just over 1:31 for 100 yards). Not bad for this time of year.  

I'd really like to swim a sub 1:06 for the full Vineman Aquabike (Ironman distance swim & bike [3.8 km & 180 km]) in July, so if I can work on holding that pace for waaayyyy longer then I'm on my way.  I'm going to repeat this test set every 6 weeks and hopefully my times per 100 will come down a couple seconds by the summer.

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