Something Old, Something New

I'm mixing things up a bit yesterday and adding a couple of things to my schedule.  Something old, and something new.  In many senses of the word.  The old is yoga.  I used to do yoga several years ago (and of course as a discipline it's quite old).  Doing yoga doesn't work well for me when I have a high run volume.  But this year I'm not running as much, and I'm really enjoying my yoga routine again.  I don't particularly enjoy group yoga, but I have a tried-and-true routine I do at home that I'm happy to be reunited with.

The new is TRX.  I've never done it before, and it's kinda new as a thing anyway.  So far I'm not sold on it.  So far, I'm terrible at it.  I'm all wobbly and frankly I feel quite goofy.  I think it's going to be one of those things you really have to stick with to get.  I'm not sure if I'll stick with it long term, but I feel like I should really give it a good go at this point to be fair.  I really like strength training, so may go back to a routine of free weights, bosu, swedish ball, etc., instead of TRX. But I'm working on it.

In addition to our basement room full of bikes for trainer riding, we have a third bedroom upstairs that we can use for a workout room.  Lots of space to try something old, and something new.

How are you mixing things up this year?


  1. LOVE TRX. I have been doing it now for 3 years. I go to a class at the gym and also have a TRX strap like yours at home. It's one of my absolute favorite forms of strength training. On the other hand...I wish I was into yoga. I know it's a great way to stay I hate it :)

    1. Donna, I wish I could get a lesson from you - I am so sucky at TRX! So far I don't like it but I'll stick it out for a bit. Hopefully it will turn around!

  2. setting up my spare room as my workout room:) have to get back to my yoga routine, my hips will thank me for it! been dying to try TRX so now you've motivated me to take a class at the gym.

  3. I'll have to research TRX as don't know what it entails! My mix'n it up this year is being on a racing team and focusing on shorter races and working on speed. So far loving the camaraderie! First race on Sunday! Now that I start "funemloyment" next week I will work on adding in home yoga since I've used up all my studio passes!

  4. How are you enjoying TRX now? I know little about it but it seems like it would be a good thing for me if I need to travel a lot this summer for work. Yet another reason to come to Chateau Keple!