The Pain Cave

Winter is in full swing, and a great way to get through it with decent bike fitness is to do a lot of indoor riding.  The days are getting longer, but still not quite enough daylight to ride after work, which means at least a couple of evening rides on the trainer each week.  Weekend rides depend on the weather; rain doesn't always stop me, but today was beautifully sunny but crazy cold, so hello trainer riding again.  Plus, indoor riding is a great way to build fitness and have consistent, measurable workouts.  They're definitely becoming more and more popular for all-year training, and even in the summer Jason does at least one ride each week on the trainer.  It seems to be de rigeur now to name the room your bike trainer lives in the "Pain Cave", so here's a look at ours.

First of all, it's downstairs, unheated and uninsulated.  Even still, we have to open the windows and door, and in the summer we crank the fan.

It really helps to have someone to ride with.  We have some great training videos and workout books, but still the company is nice.

Essential tool for the fall, summer, and winter: a fan.  This past week has been cold, so merely opening the windows and door is enough.  Another essential tool for workouts when you're just spinning: a TV.  More focused work though I don't have it on; it's a distraction and I can feel the effort and watts decrease.

Jason has a great workbench, tool kits and almost everything needed for most bike repairs, builds, and maintenance.  The added bonus is he loves doing it.

The longest trainer ride I've ever done was 5.5 hours, when I was getting ready for Ironman Arizona in 2012 and the weather was extremely crappy outside.  Normally, after work rides are 1-1.5 hours.  Weekends 2-3 hours.  I could NOT ride over 3 on the trainer unless I absolutely had to.

Doesn't have the scenery of road riding, but sometimes putting the time and effort in is the goal.  Enjoy your time on the trainer!

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